2023 non-syntax | SISA 視差

Our sense of the outside world does not correspond directly to things but occurs between multiple locations. Just like the appearance of images, they always come from the unconscious variations under the threshold of perception, which exist in an adjacent but difficult-to-define space. Therefore, humans always use various technic to calibrate this gap, so that it can be measured and observed. Any chance, ambiguity and uncertainty will be calculated in various systems, and the sense will be determined before it happens. This is our relationship with the image today when we watch and become the object controlled by the image.

Therefore, to recreate the difference of sight is to reapproach the intersection points of experience, and escape from all measurements in an alternative way. As the geographic measurement, the continuous change of space which is full of embodied experience will be flattened into a cascade of line segments, given distance by a single scale. However, if you take away the numerical calculation and imagine the closed curve as a flow of time, the whole image will be like an energy resonance, from which various sensations emerge.

2023 non-syntax Experimental Image continues exploring the exchange between images, trying to make the viewing distance, which has been determined by various forms, become a process of continuous change and displacement again. As "SISA" means "parallax" in Japanese pronunciation, in this short sound, we expect to create a blank space for the sight to pass through between different works. non-syntax will continue to seek the alternative practice which transgresses the existing grammar and forms its mobility among the genealogy of contemporary images. 2023 non-syntax Experimental Image will be held in multiple places in Tokyo, Japan at the same time. Through the distribution of geographical space, the link between the images can be freely organized, so that the whole exhibition becomes the sensational parallax assembled by each viewer's sight.