"non-syntax" focuses on the contemporary experimentation of images, founded by Jin Qiuyu and Hsu Chun-Yi in 2019. As a curatorial duo based in Taipei and Tokyo, "non-syntax" means events occurring within writing, canceling out self-syntax in the process of character linkage, seeking creativity within the vacuum of meaning. Our intention is to connect creative practices across different regions, reorganize existing media and genre classifications, allowing diverse images to engage in dialogue with each other, collectively contemplating the various possibilities of images. "non-syntax" centers its exhibition practices on experimental images and has collaborated with various Asian groups and institutions in recent years. Simultaneously, through independent research, we delve into issues related to images, visual culture, and media.

Hsu Chun Yi, born in Taiwan. He is an experimental image researcher/ filmmaker. Now lives and works in Taipei. Focus on the problematic of image, thought and technic, trying to find the possibility of art practice. His works start from experimental films and found footage, and try to contemplate the existence of images themselves. He has participated in "Film Diary NYC", "Island: UK/Taiwan Moving Image Festival", "Now & After’20 International Video Art Festival", "Taiwan Annual", "Taipei Poetry Festival" and so on.  He was awarded "S-An Art Thesis Award" and "Hong Kong Youth Literary Awards".

Jin Qiuyu, born in Shanghai, China in 1995. Assistant professor at Nihon University College of Art, and doctoral student at Tokyo University of the Arts. Since 2021, she has organized the video platform "non-syntax." While majoring in art curating studies at the graduate school, she has been working as a coordinator and curator at numerous national and international exhibitions and art fairs since 2019. Her major work includes Not in this Image (co-curator, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, 2020,), Sense Island 2022, (co-curator, Sarushima, Yokosuka, Japan)


              TAMAKI | Kyocera Museum. Kyoto

              non-syntax: SISA|EUKARYOYE Gallery
                                                        Feb gallery Tokyo
                                                        CALM & PUNK Gallery. Tokyo.
              Asian Forum|Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul. Seoul.


              non-syntax|Roof Light. Taipei.    

              Landscape Elsewhere| Calm & Punk Gallery. Tokyo.    


              non-syntax|Calm & Punk Gallery. Tokyo.
                                           BnA Museum. Kyoyo.
                                          Workshop Underground. Fukuoka.


             Encounter with Image|JingLü Gallery. Taipei.

             Not In This Image|KDMoFA. Taipei.